Alhilal Club

Alhilal Club

This is the Logo of my favorite soccer club. It is called Al Hilal S.FC (Soccer Football Club). Since I was young I was influenced by my older brother who is a huge fan. This influence had a huge effect on me as we both grew up supporting this club with passion. The club was founded in 1957, they hold 54 cups and they where named by the Asian Federation as the best club in in the 20th century.
The reason I posted the photo is because our last win the past week was so dramatic, it was against our rivalry club Alnassr S.FC . Eventhough, my team was not performing well but at the end the result was positive as we defeated our rivalries in penalty kicks and that is why they are known for the nickname “The Boss”.


One thought on “Alhilal Club

  1. I loved soccer too but I only enjoy watching it not playing. Who is your best soccer player, and why make you like him the most?

    For me, the soccer player that I like the most is David Beckham who is a national player in England. He also played for Real Madrid for few years. The reason I like him the most because of his passing technique. His passing is so accurate, he can pass the ball right in front of his teammates, and the only thing his teammates needs to do is to lift their foot, and they can score the point very easily.

    But remember, I like him as a soccer player not as a model though.

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