As I moved to California two years ago I had the opportunity to enjoy the summer by learning a new hobby which is surfing. My definition of surfing is the ability to balance yourself on the surfboard as shown in the picture by standing or lying after being faced with a huge wave. As you can see in the picture the surfboard I have is small it is for beginners. My favorite two spots to practice my hobby are Manhattan and Laguna beach. Both beaches are known for the great wave structure they have height wise. Also, there are few shops and restaurants that allows you to enjoy the rest of the day.


2 thoughts on “Surfing

  1. I always want to go surfing even though I do not how. Is it hard to learn if I know how to snowboarding? Since the “panel” look so much a like, i bet it won’t be hard for me to be a quick learner for surfing right? How long for you to master surfing?

    What do you feel when you surfing? Do you feel freely since you can do so many style action when surfing?

  2. Hi Abdullah,
    I really like sea sports. You are the first Saudi who I met like surfing. Masha allah you have smily face all the time, that makes the people who are dealing with you feel comfortable.I am so proud that we worked together on the Cultural presentation you did a great job.

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