Speaking withou…

“Speaking without thinking is like shooting without aiming”

Ancient Proverb


One thought on “Speaking withou…

  1. This is such a true quote. It is very powerful and holds a strong meaning. I take things that people say very seriously and if someone breaks their word to me I remember it forever. People should really think before they speak. The things that people say can truly be a negative or positive impact. It may make you lose a friend or gain one. It could end your job or help you start a new carrier. These are just examples of how important it is to think before you speak.

    Saying the wrong stuff could even get you in trouble with the law. I think it’s really cool that you have this quote in your blog because i”m sure it means something to you and I can relate to it too. It is important to think wisely before you speak and consider the outcome of what you say.

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