About Me

Hello and Welcome to my page.

My name is Abdullah Elkhereiji, in 1990 my parents moved from the Eastern province to Riyadh where I was born and raised. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the most developed since most of the governmental institutions are located there.

I enjoy riding horses in Riyadh as my brother in law is engaged in the field professionally, so I get to ride more often.  I had a lot of great memories in Riyadh with my friends whom I miss and shared most of the time with in School. After graduating from high school I decided to pursue my education in North America as my parents where eager for me to do so. My father’s experience in the United States back in the 70’s has encouraged him to keep motivating me to move overseas, as he believes that half of the education is exploring. I went to Toronto, Canada in 2008 to attend an English program that I successfully passed in 2010. I was ready to start my journey and join York University in Toronto but curtain circumstances led me to leave Canada and move to the USA; weather was a major one.

I came to Los Angeles, USA in January 2011 and since then I am working hard to achieve my dream, which is obtaining a degree and be a participant in developing my country. Currently, I am a sophomore student at Woodbury University, and majoring in Business Management. I have two more years to obtain my degree. Hopefully, by the time I finish my studies, I’ll have the opportunity to visit more cities in the U.S and North America.


My Interests: I enjoy watching and playing sports, travelling, food, video games and electronics.I am also an animal lover I use to own a Parrot, Rabbits, a Snake and raise Turtles.

Here I will share my interests.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You know how to ride horses? That must be very cool~ Actually, I rode a horse once but the memory was not very good. If my memory serves me right, I was about seven years old, my father took me to a place (forgot the name) which people raised horses there, and they opened for people to ride the horses. My father encouraged me to give a try which I did since I saw many people rode the horses safely. However, when my turn to ride the horse, the horse suddenly went creasy and rampaged. I grabbed the neck of the horse to ensured myself not falling down until the staff came and saved me. Because of this bad experience, I don’t really so passion with horse riding.

    I learned that you have studied in Toronto, Canada before. What do you think about there compared to California? Which one do you like better?

  2. Abdullah, we share a very similar story because I was also born in the eastern province and my family moved to Riyadh a year after I was born.I grew up in the capital and just like you took my parents advice to move to the US just like they pursued their education and got married here in California to be specific.I think it is great that you are working hard and being serious about achieving your goals.Hopefully, we will all stand on that stage holding that very expensive and valuable paper called a bachelors degree.Good luck to you in your journey!

  3. hello Abdulla, i see we both come from the same country and both from the capital city Riyadh. its good you moved to los angeles, i wouldnt want to live in canada with them having this bad weather. i have been there once, to visit it’s a nice place to visit in the summer and not to live in. i see we both enjoy playing sports and we both are fans of the same football club back home, Alhilal.
    i hope we win the Asian cup this year.

  4. hey abdullah. i hear that riyadh is beautiful place. i love exploring cant wait to see riyadh in my future travel book. We have so many similarities even i love food and i am a big technology geek. I always follow webisites like engadget or pocketnow which show news related to the newest technology and the next device i want to buy is the ps4 cant wait for it to come out.

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